The Art of Retention

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Have you ever thought about Webster’s definition of the word ‘retain’? Retain means to keep or continue to have something, to hold secure or intact. The first known use of the word was in the 15h century.

The Latin origin of the noun retention comes from the word ‘retinere,’ meaning to hold back. Today’s definition of retention is ‘the continued possession, use, or control of something.’
A talented workforce is critical to organizational success. Employee engagement and retention are key factors to sustain a thriving and productive company culture.

Employee Retention

Employee retention is the organizational goal of keeping productive and talented workers and reducing turnover by fostering a positive work culture.

At Continuum, we are proud of our employee retention. In fact, our retention is exceptional in the industry. Our turnover rate is low and team members stay with us for an average of seven years. This ensures client tenure continuity. Knowing that a client will be collaborating with the same consultants throughout their journey provides peace of mind.

At Continuum, our staff are engaged and empowered to make smart decisions on behalf of their clients. They are empowered to listen and make decisions on behalf of their corporate clients and transferees. Our unique business model builds capacity and eliminates decision making red tape.

Client Retention

Client retention refers to a company’s or product’s ability to retain clients over time. If a company or product has high customer retention, it means that they are meeting the needs of their clients.
At Continuum, we boast a 96% client retention rate. We operate with the business formula that client satisfaction equals client retention. How is this done? We become a seamless extension of each client’s infrastructure, regardless of their move volume, and regardless of the level of the employee being relocated.
We are proud of our 96% client retention rate. We understand that client satisfaction results in client retention – each day, we approach our business with that mindset. This explains why we have never lost a client due to service issues in our history – giving us one of the best client retention rates in the industry.

Continuum’s team completely dismisses the notion that “one size fits all”. This philosophy of uniqueness of service has given rise to the company’s belief that good businesses solve problems, but great businesses prevent them. Hence, the company views every one of our clients as individual and unique projects in which no two relocations/transferees are alike.

The art of retention requires flexibility, listening and reacting to client needs and sustaining trust. These same skills are needed to retain talented employees, an organization’s most valued asset.