Moving Lives Seamlessly

Continuum is dedicated to delivering the highest quality relocation services custom-tailored to meet the mobility objectives of our clients.

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Flexibility Matters

Founded in 2002, we fill a void in the relocation industry. Our business model and service methodology are unique, plus we own our in-house moving company. Services are tailored to each client’s requirements that support the company’s mobility goals and business objectives, along with the unique needs of each transferee and family. In short, Continuum offers an unmatched level of service and quantifiable value.

We’re proud of our 96% client retention rate. We understand that client satisfaction results in client retention – each day, we approach our business with that mindset. This is why we have never lost a client due to service issues in our history – giving us one of the best client retention rates in the industry.

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Independence Matters

Being a private company, we are not beholden to affiliates. Partner selection is based on quantifiable metrics that leverage our more than two decades of experience. Our unique business model is client and customer-centric in that we appoint a single Relocation Consultant to manage each account that provides transferees with consistency throughout their relocation process.


Single-Source Accountability Matters

Given our extraordinary staff/team retention, our clients and transferees can expect to communicate with the same Relocation Consultant before, during, and after the relocation journey. We are immensely proud of our ability to attract, develop, and retain a stellar team. Knowing the same team will be in place throughout the process provides peace of mind and continuity from client implementation to service delivery. This is a significant benefit to our clients, who know their corporate objectives are being professionally managed, and for their transferees, who appreciate not having to talk to different people along the way. Our teams’ retention is exceptional.

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We are unique in that we have our own in-house Moving Services Division.

If you are planning a move within the US or relocating to an overseas assignment, Continuum can be your single source supplier. Since each move is unique, our services are customized to match the profile of each client. Continuum has the resources, and more importantly the experience required to ensure our clients the highest level of door-to-door relocation services available in the industry today.

Courteous, professional, and responsible, Continuum International provides reliable relocation and moving services.

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Moving Lives Seamlessly

Anything that goes through a gradual transition from one condition, to a different condition, without any abrupt changes.


Our firm had decided it was time to send out RFP’s to potential Relocation Management Companies. A team of HR professionals across all divisions and the country was formed to complete the due diligence on this initiative. As a result we unanimously engaged Continuum Services on an exclusive basis for all of our relocation needs both domestically and internationally.

VP Human Resources
Multinational Entertainment Conglomerate

Continuum helped us establish our relocation program by providing us with a superior level of customer support and direction. We were very impressed with the professionalism and speed with which they were able to reach out and assist with moving our employees across the US as well as globally. They understand our business needs and more importantly, they understand our people. The Continuum team is a pleasure to work.

VP Human Resources
American Multinational Financial Services Company