Celebrating a Valued Partner – Connected by Complexities

moving truck

Continuum International relies on and is connected to their valued partners. Their ecosystem of trusted and respected experts collaborates with the company to support their clients and transferees. These partners are not simply service providers – they are the in-person Ambassadors – an extension of the company. 

We are delighted to recognize Sonya Weisshappel, Founder and CEO of Seriatim. The company celebrated their milestone 25-year anniversary. Seriatim, is a Professional Organizer firm and the only firm of its kind to be admitted into the Goldman Sachs +10,000 Small Business Program. As a woman-owned business, Sonya and her team of specialist work with hundreds of clients from New York to California; providing high touch support and de-cluttering to businesses and individuals alike. 

Continuum’s Moving Services team works closely with Seriatim. Their services include Pack & Load Supervision, Inventory, and Estate Cleaning. 

Why does this partnership work so well? 

Steve Hitchcock, President of Continuum International comments, “We are immensely proud to work with Seriatim. They are the warm hand on the shoulders of the relocating employees and families. We have complete peace of mind knowing that Seriatim is involved with many of our clients.”  

“Continuum understands the complexities of the jobs I have brought to them. In turn, my company understands the complexities of what Continuum deals with – that is life’s changes involved with a move, “Sonya Weisshappel says assuredly. 

The Continuum and Seriatim partnership was meant to be. The true meaning of their respective companies aptly sums it up: 

Continuum means anything that goes through a gradual transition from one condition to a different condition, without any abrupt changes. 

Seriatim means taking one subject after another in regular order; point by point.

Congratulations again, Sonya and Seriatim! Cheers to the next milestone!

Continuum International. Moving Life Seamlessly. From anywhere to anywhere in the world.