HR Director – Private Equity

We have worked with Continuum for over 10 years, on a variety of international relocations. We find Continuum to be pro-active in their service, and a pleasure to deal with. They understand the market and the types of people we relocate. They have effectively become an extension of our HR team, and we enjoy working with them very much.

VP Human Resources- Multinational Entertainment Conglomerate

Our firm had decided it was time to send out RFP’s to potential Relocation Management Companies. A team of HR professionals across all divisions and the country was formed to complete the due diligence on this initiative. As a result we unanimously engaged Continuum Services on an exclusive basis for all of our relocation needs both domestically and internationally.

After over 10 years working closely with Continuum and their team, we continue to be extremely satisfied and happy with our relationship. Regardless of the complexity of the relocation , Continuum’s team has never failed us which is a remarkable statement to make given the scope of their services — again, no job is too small nor too big for them. Also, Continuum’s team is comprised of true professionals and experts in their field who make the relocation process not only seamless but easy for us. I am also not given to referring vendors easily but with Continuum, I can without any hesitation, recommend them hands down!

VP Human Resources – American Multinational Financial Services Company

Continuum helped us establish our relocation program by providing us with a superior level of customer support and direction. We were very impressed with the professionalism and speed with which they were able to reach out and assist with moving our employees across the US as well as globally. They understand our business needs and more importantly, they understand our people. The Continuum team is a pleasure to work.

Associate Manager, Employee Relations – Global Mass Media Company

Continuum exceeds expectations on every relocation we have. They treat each of our employees as if they are the CEO of the company, practically acting as an extension of my office. Every member of the Continuum family brings the same courtesy, professionalism, and quality to the table. As much as one can in business, when I send someone over to Continuum, I can breathe a sigh of relief. I regularly recommend Continuum to both colleagues and friends relocating domestically and internationally.

VP Human Resources – Consumer Goods, Multi Media and Sports company.

We have been using Continuum since 2008 for a variety of moves across the United States. Regardless of the complexity of the move, transferees have consistently provided us with extremely good feedback. We are very satisfied with the level of service being provided to us by our Account Representative, Shaun McAuliffe. The team shows deep knowledge of the industry, emerging trends, and keeps us up to date on best practices.