Relocation Management

Continuum International can provide a client relocation management assistance whether the assignee is a homeowner or renter. Continuum will assign a Relocation Advisor to manage and coordinate the assignee’s relocation. The Relocation Advisor will provide personal assistance to the assignee on all aspects of their relocation and coordinate the process from beginning to end.

Homesale (non-U.S. based homes)

Continuum is capable of handling an international homesale for a client if desired. Should a client require this service Continuum will outline the process and costs associated based on the country of origin and eligibility, as the requirements for homesale vary from country to country outside the U.S.

Rental Assistance

Through Continuum renters will receive the same personalized service for a client’s assignees. Continuum will assist in terminating the current lease and helping the assignee locate the proper rental in the new location.

Temporary Living

Continuum will set up and coordinate any required temporary living needs for a client’s assignees as they transition from their origin location to the destination location. Whether the assignee is moving into a new home or apartment there is typically a window of time where the assignee is in the new location, but without their household goods. Continuum will provide cost- effective, temporary living accommodations for the assignee and their family.

Expense Administration -Travel and Expense Reimbursement

Continuum is prepared to audit any and all T&E expenses that a client policy allows and reimburse all authorized expenses to the assignee on behalf of a client. Continuum will carefully adhere to the client’s guidelines for these services

Destination Services

Continuum can arrange for any or all of these services to be made available to any client’s assignee and their family.

Pre-Move Planning

Continuum will contact the assignee and review the Needs Analysis to ensure that all requirements for the assignee are met during the Look-See Trip.

Look-See Trip

Typically an assignee will make a trip to the host country to get “a feel” for the environment that they will be living in. The assignee is collected from the hotel and given a tour by the specialist to acclimate them with the area.


Orientation programs typically covering one to four days. Experienced specialists will provide detailed information on the chosen areas and assist in identifying the important locations, amenities, routes, and sample housing.

Home Search Programs

Research will be carried out in advance and a suitable itinerary will be put together. All appropriate properties will be shown to the assignee during their visit.

Lease & Purchase Negotiations

Continuum ‘s specialists have a good working knowledge of the leasing & purchase process and how the various forms of leases should be worded. The specialists are all well versed in negotiating with landlords and their agents to ensure that equitable terms are put in place. Our specialists ensure that the necessary monies are processed when required and that all the utilities are set up and or transferred.

Lease Renewals

Our Specialists will utilize their knowledge of the leasing & purchase process to secure a favorable renewal for the assignee and the client.

Furniture and Appliance Rental

Continuum will work with a client to assist in providing furniture rental and appliance rental for assignees on short-term assignments, domestically or internationally.

Property Check-In/Out

Continuum ‘s specialists assume responsibility for attending to the check-in/out of the properties. Our specialists will protect the interests of the client and assignees to ensure that the properties are occupied in good condition and that the deposit money is refunded in full at the end of the lease.

Departure Services

The assigned specialist will be sure that all required items to close down a lease are dealt with so that the assignee can depart from their assignment worry-free and the client will not incur any unexpected expenses.

Property Management: Tenanted or Vacant

A Continuum property specialist will be responsible for continuous contact with the assignee while their home is in property management. Whether tenanted or vacant the property will be checked on with a full report as well as digital pictures provided to the assignee on a monthly basis. All required maintenance and fieldwork with be managed and tracked accordingly.

Partner Employment Assistance

Every effort will be made by a knowledgeable specialist to assist a partner in securing employment during the assignment time. Proper sourcing and leads will be acquired and hands-on work with the partner will be provided so that they may make the best use of their time and any opportunities.

Work & Residents Permits and Visas

Continuum will assist in the arrangement for all appropriate permits to be obtained and advice on current regulations and any problems that may arise.

Drivers License Assistance & Registration

Continuum will assist the assignee with acquiring a local drivers license and, if necessary, help them register with the local authorities.

Driver Education

Continuum will arrange for a reputable local driving school to provide hourly lessons to assignees, teaching them to drive with confidence on foreign roads.

Social Security and/or Credit Card Assistance

Continuum can, where possible, assist assignees with obtaining social security cards, credit cards, bank accounts and other necessary services.

Cultural Training

Continuum will coordinate appropriate cultural programs to assist assignees and their families in acclimatizing in a new country.

Language Training

Continuum will provide for a reputable language school and or trainer for the assignee and family.

Property and Car Insurance

Assistance will be provided to ensure that the assignee has the correct type and amount of insurance.

Handyman and Maid Service

Handyman services include, but are not limited to the hanging of draperies, light fixtures, pictures and minor approved repairs or alterations. Maid services typically cover the putting away of goods and clothes. Often times in a foreign location it is challenging to find such necessary services. Continuum can arrange for these services as required.

Education Assistance

A specialist will arrange for an educational specialist to consult the assignee as to their educational options.

Language Training

Continuum will coordinate all necessary language services throughout the world for a client’s assignees.

Entry Visas and Work Permits

Continuum will assist in providing visas, work permits, and other required immigration paperwork for a client’s assignees.

Nanny Placement

Continuum will be able to assist the assignee and their family with finding an appropriate nanny to meet their needs while on assignment.