Relocation Management

Continuum International, Inc. can provide relocation management assistance whether the assignee is a homeowner or renter. Continuum will assign a Relocation Advisor to manage and coordinate the assignee’s relocation. The Relocation Advisor will provide personal assistance to the assignee on all aspects of their relocation and coordinate the process from beginning to end.

Home Sales Services

Continuum manages a variety of home sale programs based on our clients’ home sale policies. Home Sale programs such as GBO (Guaranteed Buy Out), BVO (Buyer Value Option) and general home sale assistance are tailored to our clients’ specific needs.


Continuum can provide each a client homeowner with all required inspections based on the age and location of the property. Any and all recommended repairs will be noted on the inspections and reviewed with the homeowner and a client.

Equity Advances

In order to assist with the purchase of a new home at destination, Continuum will provide an equity advance based on the assignee’s equity in their current home.

Mortgage Services

Continuum has access to the most competitive mortgage rates and quality lenders that are well versed in the needs of relocating assignees.

Title and Attorney Services

For every home sale and home purchase Continuum provides the necessary title and attorney services required to ensure a free and clear home title and proper closings at origin and destination.

Title Search

A title search will be performed on the property that is being considered for the home sale program. The results of the title search will be shared with the homeowner, a client, and future buyer

Title State Closings

In states where an attorney is not required for a closing a title company will be utilized instead.

Attorney Services

Closings for the origin home and the destination home will be performed by an attorney where required.

Home Purchase

Continuum will be assist transferees in finding the right home in their new location. Continuum will provide the assignee with a specialist that can help determine the right home, in the right location at the appropriate price range for the assignee.

Rental Assistance

Renters receive the same personalized service as home buyers. Continuum will assist in terminating the current lease and helping the assignee locate the proper rental in the new location.

Furniture and Appliance Rental

Continuum will work with a client to assist in providing furniture rental and appliance rental for assignees on short-term assignments, domestically or internationally.

Rental Insurance

Regardless of whether a client’s assignee moves domestically or internationally, Continuum can arrange for rental insurance for their belongings.

Temporary Living Accommodations

Continuum will set up and coordinate any required temporary living needs for a client’s assignees as they transition from their origin location to the destination location. Whether the assignee is moving into a new home or apartment there is typically a window of time where the assignee is in the new location, but without their household goods. Continuum will provide cost- effective, temporary living accommodations for the assignee and their family.

Expense Administration – Travel and Expense Reimbursements

Continuum is prepared to audit any and all T&E expenses that a client’s policy allows and reimburse all authorized expenses to the assignee on behalf of a client. Continuum will carefully adhere to the client’s guidelines for these services.