Continuum International provides our clients with unparalleled international relocation services. Leveraging our own staff of professionals as well as our global partnerships, we will manage, monitor and control every aspect of the international move – from any origin to any destination in the world.
Complete door-to-door international transportation services include:
Single Source Transferee Contact
The most important services we can provide our clients and their transferees are control and communication. Therefore Continuum assigns a Relocation Advisor who is responsible for all aspects of the door-to-door move. This single source contact will control the move process as well as deal with the transferee and their family from move initiation through delivery to residence. Once a client has initiated a move either by phone, email or via our web site the process has started. All of the initial move information is entered into our computerized system.

Continuum On-Line

Clients have multiple options on advising Continuum of new move initiations. Moves can be initiated by phone, fax, and email or via Regardless of how a move is initiated it is immediately entered into our MoveAssist relocation system. Our system allows our clients to register new shipments and obtain management reports for individual shipments as well as all shipments in progress and historical data. More importantly our system allows the transferee to access their shipment data 24/7 and communicate directly with their Relocation Advisor.

Pre-Move Counseling

Our Relocation Advisors will contact your transferee with in 24 hours of the move authorization. The Relocation Advisor will detail the move process with your transferee and set up a pre-move survey date as well as preliminary pack dates. A personally tailored pre-move package will be expressed mailed to the transferee which will include all the pertinent move documents, preliminary scheduling, insurance documentation as well as destination country information.

Pre-Move Survey

At this on site visit our international move appraiser will review with the transferee the move process and advise what preparations they should be making prior to packing. Most importantly the move estimator will analyze the items that will be shipped by air, sea, or truck as well as what items will be going into permanent storage. Measurements and digital photographs will be taken of high value items that may require special handling.

Transit Insurance

Continuum can provide full value transit insurance as well as insurance for goods that remain in permanent storage. Continuum’s Relocation Advisors will counsel the transferee on all insurance related issues including coverage options and the proper method of valuing their belongings.

Pre-Move Planning

The move appraiser will finalize the estimated weights and dimensions of the shipments and report these findings back to the Relocation Advisor. Based on the estimated weights, dimensions and the required delivery date(s). The Relocation Advisor along with our operations department will pre-plan the entire move process to include pre-selecting origin and/or destination agents, steamship lines, airlines as well as any other move required services. This pre-move plan will be entered into our computer system where our clients as well as the transferee can access the data via our web site.

Export Packing

Proper packing methods are key to an uneventful international move. Consideration must be given to a number of factors when determining the best packing materials and methods. Will the shipment require storage in transit?, Is the final destination hot and humid or cold and dry? What is the access at the destination delivery site? These are but some of the factors taken into consideration when export packing household goods. Continuum, and our agents, utilizes a wide range of sophisticated packing materials designed for the safe transportation of your household goods. Our crews have all been specially trained in the art of international packing and have many years of experience to ensure our clients the highest quality packing. Antiques, works of art and other high value items will require special attention that only the best-trained crews can give. Continuum maintains a complete carpentry facility in order to provide every conceivable type of export crating option.

Shipping Containers

Selection of proper export shipping containers is another very important decision that must be made. Depending on a variety of scenarios there are different types of export shipping containers that can be utilized. The most common, for sea shipments, are 20′ and 40′ steamship containers. If the transferee has a residence available prior to the actual arrival of the shipment we would loose load the shipment directly into the steamship containers.

If the shipment will require Storage in Transit (SIT) we would first load the shipment into individual 200 cubic foot specially constructed crates called Lift Vans. These vans would then be loaded into the steamship containers. The household goods will remain in the lift vans at the destination warehouse and delivered, unopened, once your residence overseas is available. Air shipments will be shipped in International Air Transport Association (IATA) approved containers. These containers are either tri-walled corrugated or specially constructed wooden air containers. Again several factors such as security, weather and SIT requirements will determine which are the most appropriate export containers for your shipment. All of our wooden shipping containers and crates are heat treated, stamped and meet all import requirements worldwide.

Storage and Warehousing Facilities

Continuum maintains over 70,000 square feet of state of the art warehousing facilities. We also have access to millions of square feet of warehouse space through our global partners. We require every Continuum agent to meet our stringent requirements before we entrust any shipments to them. Agents must file reports describing their facilities to include construction data, accessibility, climate control and security systems as well as complete photographs of each facility they own and operate.

Inland Transit to Port

Continuum will coordinate all the required inland transportation to ensure that air and sea shipments arrive at the port of embarkation in a timely manner.

Shipping Documents

Even with the best packing and planning a shipment can be seriously delayed if the proper export/import documents are not in order. Continuum will prepare all the required documents to ensure that shipments move in a timely and efficient manner. Through our global partnerships Continuum has instant access to the ever-changing document requirements through out the world. Our Relocation Advisors will review all personal documentation requirements with each transferee. In addition our Relocation Advisors will counsel your transferees on issues such as, visa requirements, pet quarantine, and tax and duty issues as they relate to their household goods shipments.

Ocean and Air Freight

Continuum’s experienced operations group will coordinate all ocean and air fright requirements. All shipments will be pre-booked to ensure that they arrive to meet required delivery dates. Continuum only utilizes steamship lines and airlines that have a proven track record for on time deliveries.

Destination Services

Through our global partners Continuum will arrange for complete destination services anywhere in the world. In many instances we will be able to have your goods pre-cleared. Destination services include, but are not limited to; customs entries and clearance; inland transit; storage in transit; delivery to residence with full unload; unpack; furniture set-up and assembly and clearance of debris.

In addition to the services outlined above, Continuum also can arrange for transit of cars, boats and pets.