Frequently Asked Questions

What is an overseas move?

How much can I ship?

How will our shipment move?

What should we bring?

What items should I NOT include in my shipment?

Can I take my pet?

What About Insurance Coverage?

Whom do I deal with at destination?

What documentation should I have?

Q: What is an overseas move?

A: Many of us have moved within our own cities, states and countries but an international move is something entirely different. We have all heard the horror stories from people who have just moved across town so an international move has the possibility to become a real traumatic experience. Unless you have selected a company that has the background and experience to control all of the underlying transportation functions an international move can indeed be a very unpleasant experience. An overseas move involves many different components; export pack, wrap and load, loading into proper export containers, proper selection of air and sea carriers, knowledge of export/import documentation, selection of qualified destination agents, to name a few. Control and communication are the keys to any successful relocation. Continuum ‘s staff has the experience to deliver in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Q: How much can I ship?

A: Your company will probably have a relocation policy outlining exactly what you will be entitled to ship. Generally corporations allow, depending on destination, a full ocean freight shipment as well as an air freight shipment of items you will need immediately upon arrival. In addition to your air and sea shipments you will probably be entitled to have permanent storage of the goods you will not be shipping with you. Your Relocation Advisor will have all the details relating to your company ‘s relocation package and will review these entitlements with you.

Q: How will our shipment move?

A: Many factors determine the method in which your belongings will be transported. Items you will need immediately upon arrival are usually packed and shipped as airfreight. These items should include personal effects such as clothes, toiletries and items you cannot readily get at destination. The balance of your household goods will be shipped by sea freight. The method of sea shipment will be determined by your destination, availability of residence and required delivery date. Shipments can either be loose loaded into steamship containers if residence will be available upon arrival of the shipment or loaded into lift vans if the shipment will require storage in transit or if there are security concerns at the destination country.

Q: What should we bring?

A: Moving is probably the best time to really go through all the items you have accumulated over the years. Since the cost of the move is determined by weight it is best to sort through your belongings and determine which items you will absolutely require at destination. If you are moving to a tropical climate it may be a good idea to leave the skis, parkas and ice skates behind in storage. This is also a great time to give things away to friends, family and charities. In general you should sort your goods into three categories.

1. Air Shipment: Items you will need immediately upon arrival

2. Sea Shipment: Balance of household goods

3. Permanent Storage: Items that you are leaving behind but will need upon your return.

Some of your appliances and other electrical items may not operate in your overseas location, or may require special adapters. Your Continuum Relocation Advisor can counsel you on which appliances and/or electrical items will not operate overseas and also recommend suppliers that can provide you with necessary adapters as well as appliances that are country specific.

Your Relocation Advisor will discuss with you which items you should and should not be taking with you. Every country has their own rules and regulations concerning the importation of household goods and personal effects. Your Relocation Advisor will outline which items can and cannot go depending on your destination country.

Q: What items should I NOT include in my shipment?

A: A good rule of thumb is you should not include anything in your export shipment that you wouldn ‘t pack in your suitcase. Any items that may leak and cause damage to other items and any perishable items should never be sent in your shipment

You should NOT include the following:

  • Hazardous materials such as paint, matches, aerosol cans, gas canisters or other flammables
  • Materials such as wood, bricks, cement, rocks and soil of any type
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Plants of any kind
  • Corrosives and explosives

If you have any questions regarding items that should not be shipped please discuss them with your Relocation Advisor.

Q: Can I take my pet?

A: Continuum has experience moving all sorts of pets from cats to horses. Moving animals is a very specialized process we only utilize carriers who are experts in pet transportation. Many countries do have restrictions on what type of pet you can bring with you in addition some countries also impose long quarantine periods on imported pets. Your Relocation Advisor will be able to give you full details on shipping your pet overseas. Please remember that prior to shipping your pet they should have a complete physical from your Veterinarian and make sure you obtain your pets complete health records.

Q: What About Insurance Coverage?

A: Insurance coverage is a very important part of your international move. Continuum offers our clients full value replacement coverage on all door-to-door shipments. Coverage provides for loss and damage to your shipment from door-to-door. It is best to value your shipment based on what it would cost to replace your goods at destination. Your Relocation Advisor will help you in determining how to value your shipments. In addition to the transit insurance Continuum will also provide insurance for your goods that remain behind in permanent storage. In order to maintain adequate coverage we will contact you once a year to determine if you would want to increase the coverage for goods impermanent storage to bring the coverage up to current replacement values.

Q: Whom do I deal with at my destination?

A: All pertinent information regarding your move, including destination contact information will be included in your Pre-Move Package that you will receive within 24 hours of your move initiation. In addition once your move has been initiated we will have advised our destination agent of all of your contact information. Our agent will be contacting soon after you arrive to coordinate any customs procedures and set up preliminary delivery dates. Please note that delivery dates cannot be confirmed until your shipment has actually cleared customs.

Q: What documentation should I have?

A. Continuum will arrange for all the necessary export/import documentation to make certain your goods clear customs uneventfully. You are responsible for your personal documentation such as passports and visas. Your Relocation Advisor will counsel you on what personal documents you will have to acquire. In addition to the required documents you and your family should get complete medical and dental checkups and obtain complete current medical and dental records. In addition to documentation and medical records you should have copies of all of your family ‘s personal records such as; vehicle registrations, marriage and birth certificates, prescriptions and school transcripts.