Supply Chain Updates

Please be aware that the shipping & transportation supply chain, which the pandemic has impacted, is experiencing delays on a global scale. Extended transit times on international and domestic shipments are due to a lack of drivers, extreme port/terminal congestion, limited vessels, and container/equipment availability.  Note that these delays are out of our control, and we are attempting to work through them to the best of our ability.  We will keep the communication lines open and advise you of any delays or additional costs associated with household goods shipments.


The Covid-19 Pandemic has disrupted the worldwide supply chain.  Currently there is an imbalance of shipping containers throughout the world. Many ocean carriers have randomly reduced the free time allowed at the ports.  Air and ocean freight rates are fluctuating dramatically month to month and there is major port congestion at many key port locations; NY, LA, UK, Asia etc.

Normally,  we can make a container booking for ocean freight today for a sailing next week. Right now, at times, we are facing a 2 to 3 week delay before we can even pick up an empty container.

The below You Tube link provides a clear explanation of the reason for the container shortage, which is causing shipping delays, etc.

Below is another article explaining  the crisis.

Additional issues we face, are Country Lockdowns similar to  what is going on right now in the UK. Although moving companies are operating, there are additional obstacles they face with labor availability, quarantined crews, buildings refusing access, etc.

At some point this situation could impact your employees and we thought it important to make you aware of the possibility of potential delays. Our staff is constantly managing the process and we are using our supply chain as best we can to expedite shipments, minimize delays and contain costs whenever possible.